Last night in Sweden – The true story!

A photography project showing what really happened in Sweden last night

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About this project

Plenty of ‘alternative facts’ about Sweden have been shared recently, most notably when, in February, Donald Trump mysteriously referred to ‘what happened last night in Sweden’ in a sinister tone. Many of the opinions being shared about Sweden in recent months are fuelled by ignorance or hidden agenda, and come from people who have never even been to Sweden.

We want to set the record straight – telling the true story of what really happened in Sweden last night.

To do this, we have gathered the best photographers in the country to document what happened. A collection of brilliant, award-winning photo-journalists, will be commissioned to document everyday life all over Sweden. Taking pictures on a series of days between 6pm and midnight, the photos will encapsulate true and candid Sweden, and all the little moments that rarely make the news.

A jury will then select the best images – which will be compiled and presented in a unique book, the first copy of which will be sent to Donald Trump himself.

Paul Hansen and Linda Forsell, two of Sweden’s best known documentary photographers are both involved in the project.

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